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 Over 2020, the global air humidifier market has grown enormously due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is believed that the numbers will continue to increase until the year 2025.

According to the study of the Air Humidifier Market 2021 Industry Report, the value of Air Humidifier is expected to reach 760 million USD from 2020 to 2025. The COVID-19 has raised the awareness of having good air quality at home.

Work from home, stay home quarantine, attending online class, these activities all happen in the same area, HOME. The most important factor you are looking for is the COMFORT while staying at home, and Humidifier plays a vital role in making the stay home experience more comfortable.

However, we often wonder if humidifiers do anything that benefits our health. It depends on the type of humidifier, how it functions, and its features.
Over 2020, the global air humidifier market has grown enormously due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is believed that the numbers will continue to increase until the year 2025.

Different types of Humidifier have different features and functions, it is important to choose what suits you the best!

Steam Humidifier

A steam Humidifier used electricity to power the heating element inside. It boils the water and creates steams. The steam will be cooled down before expelling into the air. However, if you have a child/pet it is can be dangerous, as the boiled water might burn when it’s spilled.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

An ultrasonic Humidifier is powered by ultrasonic vibration, which is much safer compared to Steam Humidifier as it does not boil water to create hot mist. It consists of two mist versions: Cool mist and Hot Mist. Therefore, some might be pricey but the price varies in terms of units.

Central Humidifier

A central Humidifier is often built-in into your air-conditioning or heater. When your heater/air-conditioning is cycling and functioning in your house, the air is humidified and expelled to the whole house. It is the most expensive type, but the best humidifier you can get out of all humidifiers. 

Evaporative Humidifier

An evaporative Humidifier creates the mist through the built-in fans, it speeds up the evaporation of water to increase the humidity in the room. It is very common and affordable, but it only works in one room at a time. Therefore, it can produce too much mist in a room, which might raise the likelihood of mold growth.

Impeller Humidifier

Impeller Humidifier powered by a rotating disc that flings through a filter. The running diffuser will break water particles into fine droplets, and the water droplets will then release into the air in the form of a mist. It is normally inexpensive also with a wide range of humidification.


Humidifier is different from diffuser, people often get confused between these two because of how similar they are in terms of appearances. In short, they are similar but a few features set them apart.


It adds moisture to the room, helps to relieve dry air discomforts, like dry skin, scratchy throat, and stuffy nose. It maintains the right humidity level in your house, prevents gaps in hardwood floors, cracks in wooden furniture, and static electricity that can harm electronics.


It is a device that breaks essential oils down into smaller molecules, dispersing them into the air for a pleasant or calming effect to provide Aromatherapy. To put it more simply, the diffuser has nothing to do with adding moisture. But it creates a calming environment for relaxing mentally and physically. 


Choosing a right humidifier is all depends on your needs and preferences. Don’t be sway by the commercial! I would suggest to be more informative, know your needs.

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The 5 Best & Affordable Humidifier 


Click ➡️Retro Humidifier 📻

The classic radio shape and miniature size making it the most adorable decorations for bedroom! Suitable for family with young kids, or adult that scares of complete darkness while sleeping. 


- Quiet Humidification : The average decibels is 30dB, which is equivalent to the sound of someone whispering to others

- Adjustable Humidification Mode : Consist of two modes, Direct injection mode and Intermittent injection mode (it will stop injecting mist every 5 seconds)

- Nano-atomization : The steaming cures all your skin problems, it opens up your pores and clears them

- Colourful Nightlight : Suitable for nursing young children, the soft nightlight creates a comfort environment for sleep

(Its one of our best seller!!!)


Click➡️Crystal Flower Aromatherapy Diffuser 🌸

A flower that will never wilt symbolized everlasting love 💕 Perfect gifts for your loved ones on a special day! Add your favourite essential oil into the water tank, sit back and enjoy the lovely fragrance infused into the air. 

Aromatherapy relieves the stress from work and creates a perfect environment for sleeping. 

Features :

- Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Plastic (PP) Material Water Tank : easy to clen and perfect for essential oil

- Colourful Nightlight : Consist of multi colours transformation, Blue, Pink and Green color

- Easy Installation steps >>


Click➡️Bonsai Style Plantable Humidifier🌱

The top part with pebble stone are plantable, the mist will water the plant when it injects from the spray mouth. Put this bonsai near your working station at home, it will make your work from home experience EXTRA SPECIAL ✨✨

Special Features : 

- Negative ion particles (the pebble stones on top of the pot) releases negative ion that helps in alleviating depression, relieve stres and boost energy. 

- Indoor Planting available : Can grow a variety of small plats in the pot to enhances the release of negative ion.


Click➡️Planet Cat Humidifier 🐱

Are you a cat lover? Then this is just your thing!  Cute little kitty looking from the same window from space, adorable and dreamy! 

Features : 

- Touch sensor for night light : just touch the button behind to adjust the brightness of light in the little kitty space shelter. 

- Huge water tank capacity : continuously inject mist for up to 6 hours


Click➡️White Deer 🦌& Pink Rabbit Humidifier 🐇

An aesthetic piece of decoration to brighten your home, office & study, it is practical and adorable at the same time. Perfect for work space, small and portable. 

Features :

- Simple but practical : although the design might be slightly plain compared to others, but the simple design allows it to easily blend into every type of decor at home. 

- Portable USD Charging : Running out of battery? Plug it to any power supply such as power banks and laptops.



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